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   HoldemHelpem is a Hold'em Calculator tool designed to give you the crucial odds and stats you need in real-time to improve your game and play like a pro. HoldemHelpem calculates your Texas Hold'em hand odds and tracks your opponents hands free at a must have Heads Up Display for a quick reference on your opponents. HoldemHelpem has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

HoldemHelpem Hold'em Odds Calculator Benefits

HoldemHelpem Hold'em Calculator will save you from wasting money on weak hands.
Features a unique pocket card ranking system that is determined through 20 million simulation per pocket type (169 types). This ranking system also takes into account how many opponents you have as your ranking will change with the number of opponents you have. This is different from all other ranking systems that don't take into account how many opponents they have and it is based on real simulations and data not on what some poker player happens to think.
Gives you concrete scenarios and insight.
Features a unique card bank coloring system to indicate favorable cards still in the deck. As the software is calculating odds it is also calculating "what if the next card in the deck is this?". It will iterate every card still in play and determine your hand odds if that is the next card in the deck. The card bank will light up either red, yellow, or green for each card depending on how favorable that card is to you. This will give you concrete scenarios and insight on how good your drawing potential is. If you see a few greens and lots of reds you may want to try to stay in cheaply for the potential pay off. If you see lots of greens then maybe you should consider trapping because chances are you are going to win and don't want to scare them off. If you see lots of reds and yellows you should consider a bluff or fold.
Most accurate odds to win/tie.
Another unique aspect is the way it calculate your odds to win/tie. It uses a unique algorithm that simulates the hand exactly how it is being played and determines what kind of hands are likely being played. It takes into account who and when an opponent folds not just the number of players in the hand at any given time like most other calculators. If you start a hand with 10 opponents and got 9 of them to fold preflop versus folding postflop then this would drastically change your odds of winning and HoldemHelpem odds will reflect this. The algorithm looks at drawing potential of simulated hands and determines what kinds of hands would likely stay in or fold each step of the way from the pocket to the river.
Combines odds, opponent profiling, and a heads up display in one convenient package.
Not only calculate odds but keep track of your opponents with a modern database to determine the type of opponents you are playing with. This can aid you in spotting the sharks versus the fish and to play accordingly to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your potential profits. The heads up display (HUD) is useful for very quick analysis of your opponents when you need to make a quick decision. The heads up display conveniently displays stats over each opponent and can be referenced with a quick glance that gives tremendous insight into your opponents playing style.

HoldemHelpem Hold'em Odds Calculator Features

  • Unique pocket card rankings
  • Unique card bank coloring to indicate favorable cards
  • Opponent Profiling
  • Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Calculate number of current hands to beat
  • Calculate percentage to win or tie
  • Calculate draw odds
  • Calculate pot odds
  • Automatically read cards hands free at FullTilt and PokerStars

About HoldemHelpem Hold'em Odds Calculator

   HoldemHelpem is a Hold'em Calculator tool designed to give you the crucial odds and stats you need in real-time to improve your game and play like the professionals. HoldemHelpem Hold'em Calculator gives you the pocket rank of your starting hand, pot odds, how many hands can beat your current hand, odds to win or tie, your odds to obtain a particular hand type, as well as keep track of your opponents actions including a heads up display all hands free in real time. HoldemHelpem uses a unique decision algorithm that simulates the hand exactly how it is being played and decides what hole cards are likely to stay in or fold based on who folded when. HoldemHelpem can take manual input or has the ability to automatically read dealer messages at FullTilt and PokerStars.

   HoldemHelpem holdem odds calculator tracks all of your opponents actions and displays them in an easy to read chart with no need for user input at FullTilt and PokerStars. Opponent profiling is as equally important as your odds for exploiting weaknesses and avoiding costly mistakes. The player profiles display stats including VPIP%, PFR%, AF, AFq, WSD%, WSDW%, Win%. The heads up display (HUD) connveniently displays stats next to your opponents for a quick reference.

Poker Odds Texas Hold'em Calculator - Tracking Player Profiles

    HoldemHelpem uses an easy to read red, yellow, and green coloring scheme. Odds will be displayed in either red, yellow, or green. Low odds are displayed in red and high odds displayed in green. In addition, for the flop and turn, the card bank will be color coded with a red, yellow, or green tint depending on how favorable those cards are for the turn and river.

   HoldemHelpem is highly customizable. You can color the calculator any color you wish in a two tone linear gradient scheme. You can change and add your own card back images or sounds. Sounds will alert you when you have won, get an excellent starting hand or have a high chance of winning on the river so you don't miss any opportunities. In addition you can specify the ranges in which the color of your odds will be displayed in red, yellow, or green, so you can quickly change your style and tempo to confuse your opponents.

   HoldemHelpem will save you money on weak starting hands, has the most accurate odds to win, and combines odds, opponent profiling, and heads up display in one convenient affordable package. HoldemHelpem is free to use for play money games so try it out free with absolutely no obligations.

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